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The Radio and Television has been a major tool for communication worldwide and due to this many people do take much interest in sourcing for information from these media. In an age of innovation and savvy use of technology, Ghanabeats brings onto the Ghanaian stage a medium that is the best at what it does- connecting the Ghanaian people across the globe.

With Ghanaian footprints on every continent, Ghanabeats aims at keeping people connected where ever they are, be it at work, at home, or anywhere else online by broadcasting clear, quality music, bringing news coverage, interviews, events, entertainment, and educative programs pertaining to the Ghanaian person and a the community of listeners as a whole.

Whether homesick for good old highlife or simply wanting to be current with events happening within the nation, Ghanabeats is a dream come true for Ghanaians at home and abroad as the station’s inspiring group of DJ’s and presenters bring forth an array of impressive and interactive programs, original music, discussions, and latest sports! Tune in or log on to Ghanabeats for a quality, entertaining and educative experience. As the heart beat of Ghana, Ghanabeats brings Ghana to the doorsteps of all Ghanaians abroad.

Mission and Aim

It is in our interest to always educate, inform and entertain listeners around the globe. We hope by this they will know what is happening in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. We hope to achieve this and other things through good presentation and production from our efficient team.

It is expected that Ghanaians abroad and all people interested in Ghanaian affairs will have their share in all our programmes and they may feel at home as they tune in to our programmes and participate whenever necessary. As Ghana opens up to become market oriented and as investors establish more firms in Ghana, Ghanabeats becomes a good and reliable partner to sustain the interests of parties involved in transactions. That is why one can trust Ghanabeats to market their interests and prospects.

With our extensive coverage via the World Wide Web Ghanabeats therefore has a big influence to draw listeners far and near to participate and enjoy everything Ghana. This has the capacity of widening business activities within and outside Ghana.

To make sure that we don’t lose our listenership but augment it, we always will look forward to getting suggestions and feedback from listeners home and abroad and effect changes whenever necessary so listeners may have a sense of belonging to the station. We will also bring to our listeners news and information concerning Ghana in between our programs. Also, we have introduced weekend sports to inform and educate Ghanaians in the diaspora on the sporting activities in the country.


Ghanabeats will provide a 24hour live transmission of quality tailored programmes designed in the field of Sports, News, Music and all carefully designed to have an impact in the change of direction of our culture and other interesting local programmes to suit the taste of our cherished listeners; that continues to yield an overwhelming responds from its Managements, Listeners and Statistics.

It is aimed at becoming the most listened Ghanaian internet radio worldwide and will have a worldwide coverage provided you have internet access. It will transmit 70% of its programmes in Akan Languages and 30% in English.

You can listen to our transmission on your computer at www.ghanabeats.com or You can also listen to us on any Digital Wiresless Internet Radio whereever there is an internet access.


On this tab you will find useful information that would allow you to browse and utilize GhanaBeats to its fullest capabilities thus browsing trouble free. As time goes on information/tips on using GhanaBeats will be posted here.

Q: Can Mac users listen to a Windows Media Stream?

A: Absolutely. Simply Click Here. Download the player and click the "Listen Live" button (located on the banner)

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Refere to the FAQ page, specfically for our chat system.
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Hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians residing around the world will be uplifted today and everyday following our progressive internet radio programming. Since the beginning of our programming, we have been able to bring you exceptional quality programming by means of few supporters who believed in the dream and the technology. At this point as investment in equipments and operating cost increases, we will be very pleased for any support from our loyal listeners as we continue to deliver new and innovative programming to improve and reach a wider audience of participation.

We appreciate your unconditional support of GhanaBeats Radio, and believing in us that we will continue to provide you  and your family/friends, the best, the most stable, and quality programming around the GLOBE! Thank you